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Travelling With Kids - What Food To Bring

Travelling with Kids?

What food/snacks to bring on the plane…

If you have a fussy eater or even a good eater the one thing you’ll hear on a long plane journey is “I’m hungry” so here are my top tips and tricks for what food to bring when going on a plane with kids.

 Airport Rules in Australia

When travelling with an infant or small child, you are permitted to carry sufficient food or liquid (milk, pre-made baby formula or boiled water in bottles to be used with powder) for your journey. You are also permitted to carry an ice brick with the bottles if required. 

Travelling Food for a Baby’s that can chew – 1-2 year olds

I highly recommend having the food all in one place and an insulated storage bag is perfect.

1. An insulated food storage bag I use project ten bags as the quality is fantastic and I love their fun designs

2. Bring your own bowl and spoon that baby is uses at home

3. Empty drink bottle or sippy cups that can be filled when you’re on board.

Take at least 3 extra meals than your baby normally eats at home just in case baby is fussy or there are any flight delays.

 Below are some suggested foods when flying with a baby

Food pouches

Perfect for travel as they keep food fresh for longer alternatively you can store your pureed homemade food in storage containers or reusable squeezie pouches. These are great as you can get your baby to eat the recommended amount of fruit, veggies, proteinand dairy.

Yogurt pouches are super handy and my tip is to freeze them the night before you leave and by the time you’re up in the air they would have defrosted but still be nice and cold





Cereal is great as it will keep your baby fuller for longer. Most supermarkets now have them in easy to use single size serves making it less bulky to travel with and you’ll only need to ask for hot water to make them up. Otherwise they do come ready made in pouches of porridge which is suitable for travel 



Homemade muffins, biscuits, muesli bars or pikelets are ideal and keep fresh when stored correctly.

Alternately loads of great options at supermarkets sell ready-made snacksthat are nutritious and super convenient.

Fruit is always a great option too – I find bananas easiest to travel with at this age. You can now get snap dried apple pieces. Sultanas are a must too.

Health Labkids probiotic are packed full of nutrition and each bite is enriched with 1 billion dairy free porbiotics – awesome for keeping the kids immune system and gut health strong while travelling




 And yes your child will get a meal on the plane but trust me, the meal will not be enough and if you have a fussy eater they will likely refuse everything on the tray so it’s always good tohave a back up

Travel food for 3 years plus


I highly recommend packing 2-4 sandwiches, rolls or wraps with toppings you know your kids love and nothing that will go soggy e.g tomato

The 6 packs at bakers delight are a winner – cheese and bacon rolls, vegemite scrolls, date scones etc are perfect and super filling

Muffins, pikelets, quick oats bowls – you’ll just need to add boiling water

 sandwichespikelets kids wrapsquick oats


Best bet is to get a few packets of the kids favourites and bring some food storage clips to keep them fresh and store them easily when the kids have had enough – Popcorn, chips, rice cakes, biscuits, crackers

Muesli bars and cheese and cracker packs

 cobs popcorn

I also freeze yogurt pouches the night before I fly and then they are cold and defrosted by the time the kids are ready to have them – just remember to buy the pouches that are 100ml

I’m a big fan of these Health lab kids probiotic are packed full of nutrition and each bite is enriched with 1 billion dairy free porbiotics – awesome for keeping the kids immune system and gut health strong while travelling and SO yummy


Fruit and veggie sticks are fabulous too – my top picks for travel are bananas, apples and grapes – less mess and juice is best. Carrot, celery, capsicum sticks and hummus dip is super yummy

food on plane