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Sand Free Towel

Ok travelling families, I’ve found a travel hack that I must share so introducing - Sand- Free Towels! 

I was sick of bringing half the beach home in my towel, sick of carrying around huge bulky towels that took up our entire beach bag, annoyed with half our luggage taken up with towels so I started googling and came across sand-free towels. Mmmm sounds interesting... I need to give these a go - and geez I’m glad I did. 

So they claim: A revolutionary new type of beach towel that's lightweight but large, super absorbent but quick drying, and totally sand-free. And I’m happy to report they are all that and more......

Firstly they are so compact giving me loads of room to pack more important things like my clothes into our luggage, the sand free part is my favourite it’s like it repels the sand off the fabric - super clever! 

Leaving the beach at the beach is another big draw card for me - not having a car and bag full of sand is huge. They actually dry you! I’ve tried Turkish towels which I loved the size of, but after drying yourself the towel is left soaking wet. The sand free towel Absorbs the moisture leaving you and the towel dry 🙌🏼.  Ideal when travelling and saves you from transporting gross wet towels from destination to destination. 

The designs are colourful, bright and fun.

When not travelling, they don’t take up my entire linen Cupboard - Marie Kondo would be jealous haha!

I’m converted - Sand free towels is the way to go. Sand Free Towel

 Sand free towel