Inspire Family Travel - Very Busy Bag Review

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Inspire Family Travel - Very Busy Bag Review


April 19, 2018
Very Busy Bags | Children’s Travel Activity Bag Review


Do you take items from home for a trip or a day outing to keep the kids entertained?

I always find I have great intentions to arrange this, but it’s normally the last detail on the packing list and therefore gets forgotten or left off due to time restrictions. It’s when we are in transit, trying to eat a meal or find ourselves waiting for any reason that I regret that moment. I’m then desperately searching for a napkin and a pen or anything within my handbag that will give us five minutes of peace.

Then, I heard of Very Busy Bags and straight away I loved the concept, as it is a versatile activity pack filled with exciting toys and crafts that would keep my children engaged and occupied.

The items in the Very Busy Bags are a mixture of fun, educational and reusable activities that provide a wonderful source of learning and entertainment, by encouraging children to play independently, and use their creativity.


Regular shipping on all orders are Free and VBB’s promise a same day despatch on orders before 12 pm (AEST) Monday-Friday.


The Very Busy Bag is a reusable calico bag with two drawstring ropes on either side that can be used to strap onto your back, similar to a backpack. The straps are large enough for adults to carry, as we know that’s going to happen at some stage.

Children's travel activity bag


Different toys spark children’s excitement at different ages, so Very Busy Bag has created age-appropriate bags.

One of our bags consisted of the following items:

  • An activity book
  • A pack of coloured pencils
  • Peppa Pig 3D book
  • Stickers
  • Puzzle
  • Stretchy lizards
  • Tub of Play-Doh
  • Balloon ball buddy
  • Very Busy Bag craft kit filled with bits and bobs children can use with some of the items above


No matter if you are searching for a boredom buster or an entertainment pack for your travels there are so many uses for the Very Busy Bag, that I have included a few below.

  • Outing to a restaurant/cafe
  • New sibling gift
  • Trips away
  • When children are sick
  • School holiday entertainment
  • Weekend activities
  • Plane and transit travel
  • Waiting for an appointment
  • When the evening meal is being prepared
  • Homework time for older siblings


Purchase online through the website below from $45AUD with free shipping on all orders.

Very Busy Bags


We recently took our Very Busy Bags to the Sunshine Coast. Being the first time, we had used them the girls loved their portable carry bag filled with new toys, arts, and crafts; they would be able to play with during the trip.

I loved the convenience of being able to take a bag already filled with age-appropriate, fun, creative and educational toys with us.

Since our trip, the bag has also been brought out at various times including the school holidays when boredom starts to set in. If you are searching for a screen-free option to keep the children happy and entertained – Very Busy Bags may be the answer.


Disclosures: Inspire Family Travel was gifted a Very Busy Bag to conduct a fair and impartial review. As always, our opinions are our own, and we only share what we believe you’ll find helpful.

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