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BEST Travel towel ever!! Tesalate

When it comes to travel I always bring my own towel from home but in the past it has meant carrying around a bulky huge towel that take up most of my luggage and heaven help me if the towel is wet when it comes to moving to the next location -I'm now carrying around a heavy, smelly, sand and water filled disgusting towel YUCK!!!

Well friends NOT anymore!! I found Tesalate sand free towels and they totally changed everything. I have now donated all my old beach towels and switched to Tesalate. These towels are just genius for travel and every day use.

They are lightweight yet actually dye you - I know magic!

They are quick drying, yep that means no more dragging around heavy, wet, smelly towels. 

They are sand free- hooray I leave the beach at the beach.

They roll up perfectly small in my luggage leaving me room for all that extra shopping I can do while I'm away.

In my option they are the BEST towels on the market, worth every cent! Check out the gorgeous designs at

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Happy shopping 

Laura x